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Corporate Social Responsibilities
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Interloop has evolved at a pace faster than what anyone might have imagined a decade ago and has shown continuous commitment to behave ethically; and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the local community at large.
At Interloop we believe that profitability and growth, combined with development of our employees and communities and protection of the environment endorse the long-term interests of a business.
Interloop Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to construct four Secondary Schools (two for Boys and two for Girls) and six to eight Primary Schools in five years, and even more in future as well out of own funds including the cost of building, furniture, utilities and vehicles. Each built-a-school project will also be taken up with provision of schools support for three years.

Interloop believes in playing an active role in social development by providing health, education and sports facilities to the less privileged class of the Country. The aim of construction of these schools is to promote quality and formal education for less privileged children in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. The preference for construction of schools will be given to the rural areas and urban slums of District Faisalabad, characterized by extreme poverty where people neither have the means nor access to quality education.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is engaged in various public welfare projects especially in the field of provision of quality education, establishment and management of non-profit educational institutions. TCF is a professionally managed, a non-profit organization and one of the Pakistan’s leading organization in the field of formal education. TCF has established over 660 school units nationwide with an enrolment of 92,000 students including 46 school units in Faisalabad, Jhang and Chinoit where 10,000 students are studying.

Interloop Limited will Insha Allah spend an amount of 170 Million Rupees for this purpose in five years. This has also been made part of Interloop Corporate Objectives.

Interloop Limited has constructed four Secondary Schools in March 2010, two TCF Secondary Schools (Interloop – Begum Sarwari Sadiq Campus) in Village 242 / RB Dasuha and two TCF Secondary Schools (Interloop – Dobotex Campus) in Village 229 / RB Makuana i.e. separate Campuses for Boys and Girls. Classes have been started in all these schools w.e.f 15th April 2010.

Eight TCF Primary Schools (Interloop Campuses) will be constructed in next four years (two schools every year). Land for four schools has been purchased. Construction of two Primary Schools will be completed by end of March 2011 and classes will start in April 2011. Total cost of Primary Schools will be approximately 113 Million Rupees including 3.97 Million Rupees as three years school support expenses per school.

The mass exodus of population from and surrounding areas of Swat was a human tragedy of great dimension. Every citizen played its part contributing to well being of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). Interloop Limited was second to none in contributing its Corporate Responsibility. Interloop immediately dispatched food items and distributed amongst IDPs of District Nowshera, as the people of these areas deserved full support and needed to be treated with sympathy, love and kindness. Moreover, arrangements for provisions of meal for IDPs of Gojra were made through Government Administration Gojra during and after the disturbance period. Optimism and hope were the galvanizing spirit to accomplish the Corporate Responsibility by Interloop Limited.
Earthquake Tent Village:
Interloop is proud to be a part of the biggest ever humanitarian aids for the largest natural disaster that ever struck Pakistan in October 2005, killing over 80,000 people and rendering millions homeless. Interloop was quick to show solidarity to its countrymen struck by this great catastrophe and immediately chalked out a plan to set up a “Tent Village” in Muzzaffarabad to ease the suffering of the victims.
Chattar Kalas Kohala, Muzzaffarabad was selected as the appropriate site because of its proximity to water supply, easy road access and availability of electricity. Interloop has been fortunate in this noble cause, as many local and international organisations stepped forward to help Interloop establish this facility which was designed to accommodate 1500 people.
Caritis, a French Organization collaborated with Interloop to install a state-of-the-art clean water supply system. This facility also included pore flush toilets, showers and laundry slabs which were constructed with the help of OXFAM. Food was provided with the help of WFP. UNHCR donated bedding and health related arrangements were made in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. Interloop was also running a school with the help of UNICEF. Keeping in view its overall plan and facilities, it was declared a "Model Tent Village" by UNHCR.
SOS Children's Village:
Our Company's Social Investment Programme aims to support activities in the areas of education, health, community development and environment, dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged members of our society. As part of this programme, Interloop has been supporting the SOS Children's Village in Faisalabad for the past 7 years by building a cottage at the SOS Village that provides complete housing facility to approximately 10 children.
In our efforts for continuous development, we encouraged our European Client, Dobotex to build a major Community Centre at the SOS Village and assisted them in completion of this project. The Community Centre caters to the needs of nearly 150 orphaned and/or abandoned children and is designed to accommodate events such as weddings, stage plays and annual functions. Currently Dobotex in collaboration with our Company is constructing a Youth Home, which will house 25 children.
Sponsorship of Regional Cricket:
Interloop identified that sports activities are imperative for an all-round development of many young individuals. Cricket is a passion, common to everyone in Pakistan. Interloop joined hands with Pakistan Cricket Board in 2005 by becoming the Official Sponsor of Faisalabad Wolves, Faisalabad Regional Cricket Team. It was a historic deal as we became the first and the only firm to sponsor domestic cricket.
The main purpose of this deal was to direct the long built-up energy of this young generation into fruitful operations by providing them a platform to excel further. We believe that Interloop identified and captured an opportunity which can sincerely represent the concept behind social responsibility. The sponsorship continued for two years. Interloop Limited sponsored Twenty/20 Cricket Match organized at Iqbal Cricket Stadium, Faisalabad by Regional Cricket Association / Pakistan Cricket Board in April 2010 to promote cricket in Pakistan.
We are proud to be a corporate entity working towards sustainable development by linking large foreign based companies and local community projects.
Waste Water Treatment Plant:
Our Environmental Protection System ensures that all dyes and chemicals used in the Production Process must not contain any harmful substance. All such elements are safely stored and disposed off after use. The Waste Water Treatment Plant treats all toxic chemicals and dyes before disposal.

Special Plants Production:
Interloop has embarked upon a Research Project with NIBGE (Nuclear Institute of Bio-Technology and Genetic Engineering) helping to produce special plants to be irrigated with treated water, which will absorb colours from the treatment canals. After filtration by these plants, the water in these canals can be used for normal irrigation.

Fair Price Shop:
This project aims to reduce the cost of living for Company's employees by providing certain articles of daily use at very cheap rates. All workers can purchase necessities of life on a quota base determined by the Managing Committee. The shop includes items like Cooking Oil, Sugar, Tea, Detergent, Wheat Flour and Company Products etc.

Employee Benefits:
The Company provides healthy and hygienic food to all employees at nominal price. Free uniforms, Health Insurance and on-site Medical Care is provided to all employees.
Day Care Center:
Interloop has had a solemn pledge to give a peace of mind to his every employee at work. In this regard “Child Care Centre” has been setup in the Mills premises to facilitate female employees. During the working hours, their children are being pampered by the motherly, baby-sitters. Having firm conviction of Social Institution, Interloop always encouraged the people to earn their bread & butter, beyond any social constraints.
Transport Facility – A Leading Edge:
Interloop Limited provides pick and drop facility to all its employees, round the year during all weather and in all shifts. Transport fleet consists of 55 all types of vehicles. Transport ply and covers the entire routes and area of Faisalabad and Jarranawala cities and all villages in route having turn round radius of 65 KM. Total monthly outlay of the Company on transport is Rupees 7.5 Million. This is the leading edge, distinction and satisfaction – the Interloop enjoys in accomplishment of Corporate Social Responsibilities over others.
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