Euro Sox Plus (ESP)

The founders of Euro Sox Plus (ESP) have lifetime experience within the socks industry and in Feb. 2009, they established Euro Sox Plus B. V. Through its various Divisions, Euro Sox Plus offers comprehensive and state of the art service to clients throughout Europe and the UK. Interloop has a business alliance with Euro Sox Plus which extends various services to Interloop and its clients as per requirement.

The Sales & Marketing Division at ESP serves multiple Retailers in Europe including Lidl, Footlocker, Norma, etc. Besides Sales & Marketing, it also provides detailed market intelligence and up to date information on the rapidly changing marketplace. With its experienced multilingual Sales Team and Customer Service Department, ESP affords Interloop a strategic presence in Europe.

Euro Sox Plus - Technologies Division utilizes the latest cutting edge technologies in fibers, chemical applications and machine developments to create unique and innovative socks designs and functions that give customers a truly competitive edge. It also works closely with Interloop’s Research & Innovation dept.

Euro Sox Plus - Head Office and Distribution Centre in Holten, Netherlands, offers European and UK Customers fully integrated logistics, warehousing and distribution services. This is to ensure that buffer stock is always available to both manage and optimize customer inventory levels while maintaining a "Never Out of Stock" position.

The entire ESP organization comprises of an experienced multilingual team, proficient in conducting business in all areas and all at levels.