IL Bangla Limited (ILB)

IL Bangla Limited (ILB) is an associate company and the first off shore production facility of Interloop Limited. Located in Narsingdi, 45 kilometers North-East of Dhaka, it came into production in 2012. With a total area of 177,000 square feet and covered area of 93,500 square feet, IL Bangla Limited is a state-of-the-art vertically integrated unit having 200 knitting machines capacity and 9,200 dozen socks production per day. Its in-house piece dyeing facility adds greater flexibility to the production process.

A fully functional Quality Assurance Lab., equipped with the most advanced instruments manages quality testing of all incoming raw materials, in process production and ready to ship goods before dispatch. This well planned initiative gives cutting edge to IL Bangla's product quality over its competitors internationally.

Following the legacy of Interloop Limited and being socially responsible and ethically compliant, IL Bangla Limited operates a 50cubic meter/hour hybrid bacterial and chemical effluent treatment plant (ETP) where both aerobic and anaerobic treatments are executed.

IL Bangla Limited is manufacturing finest quality products for prestigious brands like UNIQLO - Japan, Varner Group - Sweden and McGregor - Canada. It also caters to the needs of bulk customers including Walmart - Canada and Carrefour- Brazil.

The team of professionals from Pakistan is working closely with the local workforce. It has trained them extensively at the Technical Training School at Interloop Limited and made them aware of the evolving needs of 5S and Lean Initiatives. It conducts regular coordination meetings and has set the company on the path of continuous improvement in productivity and effective management.