Interloop Dairies

Since its inception 22 years ago Interloop has been experiencing tremendous growth and has successfully established itself as a leading socks manufacturer in the world. Besides manifold expansion in socks manufacturing, there have been additions of yarn spinning and dyeing facilities to consolidate growth and ensure high quality end-products. There has been a strong realization within the board and higher management that Interloop should venture into new fields. In this regard, Interloop has officially broken the barriers and entered new territories: Interloop Dairies (IL Dairies ) Limited is a reality! Interloop's journey of diversifying into sectors other than textiles and establishing itself as a conglomerate has begun.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Pakistani economy and within it there is a great opportunity in the Dairy sector. Pakistan is estimated to be the 4th largest producer of milk in the world; however, only 10-15% of total milk produced is sold in packaged form. With rapidly growing population and increased urbanization packaged dairy products have very good prospects.

With this in mind, Interloop Dairies has setup a 2,500 milking-headsdairy farm with replacement-rearing facilities. In the first phase of the project 1,260 un-joined Holstein-Friesian heifers have been imported from Australia. After quarantine and recovery period, breeding of heifers has been started and milking is expected to begin in late October.

Success of dairy farming business is reliant on 4 major areas:

  • Properly designed Infrastructure,
  • High Quality Dairy Cattle,
  • Implementation of best Management practices in farm operations and
  • Sales

How these 4 areas are planned/managed ultimately dictates the health of the business. Below is a brief description of how these 4 modules are shaping upat Interloop Dairies.

The farm design was developed with the help of renowned dairy experts from the U.S. and New Zealand andit has been adapted by a local consultant and our farm manager to suit local environment and conditions. Emphasis of the design has been on maximizing cow comfort, which will help in maximizing output and ultimately boost the bottom-line. There has been particular focus on comfortable bedding, easy access to feed and water, waste management, ventilation, cooling etcetera. We are confident that with the facilities that we have in place there will be a very comfortable environment for the cattle.

The cattle we have imported were finalized after a long and meticulous selection in Australia, led by our farm manager and a veterinary consultant from Australia. Holstein breed was finalized because of its superior milk yields. In Pakistan, as it is anywhere in the world, it is fast becoming the most popular dairy breed. The reason behind importing un-joined heifers was to reduce the stress on them during long sea travel and to get them acclimatized to local conditions before the start of milking. This also gives us the additional benefit of being able to run a breeding program with our choice of bull-semen, which will ultimately improve the genetics and production of the progeny to come. 

As far as overall management of the farm is concerned the team we have with us is young, energetic, dynamic and also well experienced in large-scale dairy business. The Farm manager, Livestock manager and Manager Feeding & Milking are all from Pakistan, which is very beneficial as they’ve got experience of this environment and understand the challenges and constraints faced here. We’ve also got the support of various consultants, which will further help us in improving our management practices.

For sales the possibilities are endless as so many different dairy products can be made from milk. Our initial objective is to streamline our operations and sustain a stable production level. During this time we will be selling milk to one of the major processors. Ultimately, there is a plan of retailing our own branded milk; a strategy is being developed to target a niche market.