Interloop Dairies Limited

Interloop Diaries Limited (ILD) is a subsidiary of Interloop Limited. Since its inception in 2013, Interloop Dairies has achieved the status of one of the best corporate dairy farms of Pakistan.

Pakistan is estimated to be the 4th largest producer of milk in the world; however, only 10-15% of the total milk produced is sold in packaged form. With rapidly growing population and increased urbanization, packaged milk and dairy products are expected to show exciting growth prospects.

Interloop Dairies is a 2,500 milking-heads dairy farm with replacement-rearing facilities. Currently, we are milking around 2,200 animals and total head count is around 3,800 along with 80 milking parlors.

Success of dairy farming business is reliant on 4 major areas:

•             Properly Designed Infrastructure

•             High Quality Dairy Cattle

•             Implementation of Best Management Practices in Farm Operations, and

•             Sales

How these 4 areas are planned and managed ultimately dictates the health of the business. At Interloop Dairies, the farm design was developed with the consultation of renowned dairy experts from the U.S. and New Zealand and it was further enhanced by General Manager ILD to suit local environment and conditions. Emphasis of the design has been on maximizing cow comfort which helps in maximizing output and ultimately boosts the bottom line. There has been particular focus on comfortable bedding, easy access to feed and water, waste management, ventilation, cooling, etc. Our consistent production numbers are proof of the fact that a very comfortable environment for the cattle is in place.

We imported cattle from Australia after selection through a meticulous process led by GM ILD and a Veterinary Consultant from Australia. Progeny of the first batch of animals imported is now in milking and its production numbers and health KPIs are indicative of an effective breeding program established at the ILD farm.

The team at Interloop Dairies is young, energetic, dynamic and well experienced in large-scale dairy business. The General Manager, Farm Manager and Manager Feeding & Milking are all from Pakistan. They have good experience of the local environment and understand the challenges and constraints faced here. With the support of various consultants, we have further improved our dairy farm management practices.

For sales, the possibilities are endless as so many different dairy products can be made from milk. The farm has achieved its initial objectives of streamlined operations and stable production level and currently, we are strategizing to sell our own milk brand and associated products.