Quality of our products defines our values, reflects our commitment to achieve excellence in our processes and strengthens our vision to maximize customers value. To achieve our vision, Interloop Limited is pursuing Lean manufacturing as a strategy to develop a flexible production system which should deliver consistent quality and meet our lead time commitments at best cost.

We started our war on waste in 2009 and invested massively in the training of our teams to gain knowledge about Lean practices. One of our customers, Nike, trained our all plant managers in their Lean manufacturing training facilities in Vietnam and Sri Lanka. We have a dedicated Lean Resource Group headed by an Executive Director to lead the transformation towards becoming Lean in our processes.

In our pursuit to achieve excellence, we developed our 1st value stream map in 2010, under the guidance of Lean specialist Mr. Ron Guberk who worked with us as President Global Operations. Our teams did many breakthroughs in KAIZENS and improved flow of products by converting Process Villages into Cell Production, freed up space and enabled manpower to grow from within. We have created a clean and visual factory based on 5-S principals. Employee suggestions and involvement are keys to our Lean drive. Our skill development center develops people based on Job Instruction training methodology and is one of the best in the Country.

Working environment in here has reinforced our commitment to Lean manufacturing. To speed up Lean transformation, we have recently engaged the services of consultants who had served in both, Japan and USA. Our dream to make Interloop a benchmark of Lean manufacturing facility in hosiery business is not a bridge too far now.