Organizational Development Practices

We, at Interloop, strive for the best practices in all areas of work and across all disciplines. Our Organizational Development (OD) practices ensure that a planned and systematic approach is in place to enable sustained Company performance through the involvement of our people.

Our OD initiatives, based on the best industry practices, deal with improving organizational performance as well as individual development of employees. These practices include strategies, methodologies, and tools of strategic planning, organizational design, management development, coaching, mentoring, diversity management and work-life balance.

For these endeavors to be actively managed, we organize our OD practices in following main functions:

  • Talent Acquisition - we hire the best and the brightest.
  • Talent Development - we groom people and prepare them for taking on challenging positions
  • Talent Management & Retention - we care about and respect our people
  • Organizational Design & Development - we believe in systems for sustained growth
  • Corporate Communication - we keep our stakeholders well informed
  • Strategy Management - we assist our top leadership in setting the future direction of the Company and in achieving our vision
  • Balanced Scorecard - we measure and we manage