Interloop processes are designed to deliver best value to our customers. Production planning integrates the whole supply chain through Monthly sales & Operational planning process. Merchandizing, Marketing and planning teams closely review demand forecast for current quarter and for the whole year, develop rough-cut capacity plan and create a balance between demand and supply. Long-term demand forecast is critical for material planning, Manpower planning and also provides basis for future Business planning.

Snapshot of Weekly FR load

Our Vertical Product Development Facility is one of its kinds in the world. All equipments from knitting to Boarding are laid out in Flow. Going forward it will have the capacity to produce 1652 samples in a week. Product development facility is equipped with dedicated Testing lab to meet chemical and physical testing requirement. Our textile engineers, chemists and knitting technologists work day and night to bring product concepts in to reality.

At Interloop we have vertically integrated Value streams in Hosiery operations. This vertical integration goes beyond Hosiery operations and includes INTERLOOP SPINNING, Interloop Yarn dyeing and Interloop Filament dyeing. Our Hosiery value streams are connected with Planning teams through Master schedules. Production Plan is provided to Knitting process and then material flows from Knitting to shipping based on FIFO Lane Principle.


At Interloop consistent and uniform product Quality always gets the highest priority. We believe investing in product quality ultimately improves productivity. In production areas we have ISO 17025 accredited quality labs. These labs perform tests on each batch of Hosiery products as well as on incoming Raw material procured. SPC software (statistical process control) is being introduced for faster analysis and countermeasures.

In addition to the tests performed in labs, highly trained QA Staff performs QA analysis based on AQL. Every purchase order has to be approved by our highly talented teams before shipping to customer. Planning, product development, vertical production operations and Quality management systems enhance the confidence of our customers in TEAM INTERLOOP.