Socks, an emerging every day and fashion wear, has now become an important wardrobe style. A pair of socks is no more a white striper or a solid color with a knit in logo. Socks have now become trendier and more a fashion-wear than ever. Having been part and parcel of this evolution, we are not only fulfilling different style needs of the consumers but are also helping them explore and recognize their needs for different life styles. Our more than two decades of multi market exposure with brands and retailers has enabled us to rightly design and develop socks for different lifestyles. Our designers inquisitively follow the tendencies & suggest emerging trends. Using cutting edge technology and precise combination of materials, we make socks that consumers really want. To satisfy needs and desires of various groups of customers, we offer an assortment of fascinating socks.. This assortment ranges from regular to performance, casual to fashion, basics to better basics, work out to work wear, and formal dress socks to wellness socks. We have passion for designs and appetite for creativity. Our infinite designs and colors used in socks are aligned with marked fashion trends and are made with fresh colors every season. Our cotton socks have natural feel and comfort for those who know it. Our performance wear is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers in a variety of colors, carefully and anatomically designed for functional purposes where you need cushion at various pressure points, compression and stretch for a better grip and above all the fit which is the secret of our great socks that you will have in every pair and that you can really feel.

Our flat, half and full cushion socks knitted on 84, 108, 120, 132, 144 and 168 Needles have their own feel and comfort. Arch support, Mesh uppers, vent panels, zone cushioning, extended heels are basic functional parts of our athletic socks. Our performance socks mainly on 144N and 168N are state of the art functional socks with toe box, X-band compression, Tech stitch, double heal gore at ball of foot, Y gore on thumb toe, low & high pile terry, flex fit rib, anatomical toe, 3D padding areas and multi density cushion are few to name. Our true rib casual socks made on double cylinder 84NDC and 168NDC machines in various solid colors and marls are one of the best from our collection.


Needles 84-108-120-132-144-168
Cylinders                    Single and Double
Cylinder Dia. 3.50"- 3.75"- 4"- 4.5"- 5"
Gender Infant-Kids-Men-Ladies
Silhouette Footie-No show-Low cut-Quarter-Crew-Over the calf
Types Athletics-Casual-Work-Medical
Categories Basic-Better basic-Performance-Fashion
Fabric Flat sole-Half cushion-Full cushion
Heel Pouch-Real- Y-Double Y-Extended double Y