Interloop Spinning

Established in 2005 and equipped with state-of-the-art European machines, Interloop Spinning Division Units I & II house 46,704 ring spindles and produce 26,000 tons of top quality yarns annually. About 40% are consumed by our own hosiery manufacturing and the remaining serve world's renowned weavers and knitters.

The Spinning Division commenced operations with the manufacturing of Slub, Siro, Ecru and Elastane yarns. It also manufactures Ne 6s to 20s carded and combed yarns based on 100% cotton and consume approximately 80 tons of cotton daily.

We have ultramodern blow room and card department using Trutzschler and Rieter (European) technology for fiber opening to reduce it to the smallest possible tuft size and cleaning the raw material. Foreign contaminants in cotton which are usually polypropylene (PP) or PE foil, hardly differ in color from the cotton and are invisible to extract with conventional method are removed with the use of special high tech cameras and ultrasound (ultrasonic) and ultra-violet light (UV) through German and Swiss made machines. We use Rieter and Trutzschler fiber preparation that guarantees gentle opening, efficient cleaning and intensive blending of the fibers efficiently and are best qualifications for high yarn quality.

Interloop Spinning is equipped with Zinser (Germen) ring spinning machines which produce all types of yarns including short and long staple yarns with not only first class quality but also high levels of productivity and flexibility. Final Usterized yarn package is made on Schlafhorst autocone, the leading name in efficient package winding which offers the ultimate combination of innovations in winding technology and engineering.

We have state of the art lab testing machines in both units with Uster HVI spectrum and AFIS Pro 2 for cotton testing while UT5 and Uster Tensorapid 4 for the checking of yarn variations, single yarn strength and lea strength. UT5 not only tells where our yarn stands currently in terms of quality but also gives us information about where we stand in the world regarding quality parameters. We have other state of the art testing equipment like Friction testing to check friction of yarn, TPI tester to check twist in yarn, Cone moisture tester, Lea Strength tester, Black board, etc.

We steam condition the yarn to relax the twist and to give it additional strength for easily and efficient use in weaving and knitting units. We make packaging of different cone sizes according to requirements like polypropylene bags for local market and corrugated boxes and pallet packing for the export market.