Interloop Spinning

Cotton Spinning - a 200 years old industry - did not only fuel the 18th Century British Industrial Revolution but also became a pivot for Pakistan's extremely competitive cotton industry. To achieve an unmatched quality in our products and to vertically integrate the business, Interloop successfully diversified itself in 2005 with another landmark `Interloop Spinning. Entering and then distinguishing ourselves from other big players in a well-established industry was an achievement in itself. Owing to its efficient production and quality, Interloop spinning has become one of the most trusted brands in the market, especially for top quality coarse counts in combed, slub & core spun categories.

Our Spinning Unit No 1 (which consists of 20,400 spindles) is producing 32 tons of yarn everyday ranging from 6/1 to 16/1 in both combed and carded qualities. This US$ 24 million project is equipped with state-of-the-art high-tech European machinery ensuring a high-quality yarn-making process. An expansion project is underway to put up another facility of 26,304 ring spindles, with a Capital outlay of US$ 28 million, based primarily on coarse counts Ne 6/1 to 16/1 (combed & carded). A part of production will be based on Ne 40/1 to 80/1 as well. With the completion of Unit 2, our total production will increase to 80 Tons/day (1,765 bags of 100lbs each), utilizing a total of 46,704 spindles.

Auto doffing at our fully automated ring and auto cone ensure better efficiency. Besides the online testing, the laboratory is equipped with Uster-Zellweger (Switzerland) having full range of instruments from cotton to yarn testing. The auxiliary laboratory equipment is from Zweigle (Germany). Contamination extractors in the blow room of world renowned manufacturers i.e. Trutzschler and Rieter, ensure proper extraction of cotton contaminations supported by the Quantum-III FD and PP channels in auto cone for controlled contamination in the end product.