Interloop Spinning is a market leader in coarse counts including Plain, Slub, Siro and Core Spun stretch yarns, with Ring Spinning capacity of 46,704 spindles producing around 28,800 tons of greige yarn per annum. Our state of the art European machinery, careful selection of best available raw material, excellent marketing services and consistent quality of yarns has made us eminent around the world. Our diversified product range, capacity and rich experience to produce the yarns enable us to serve the world's renowned Denim producers, Towel producers, Weavers and Knitters.

Product Range:

Yarn Type   Count Range   End Use
Carded Plain Yarns   Ne 4/1 - 24/1     Denim, Hosiery, Apparel, Towels
Combed Plain Yarns   Ne 6/1 - 24/1     Denim, Hosiery, Apparel, Towels
Siro Yarns   Ne 6/1 - 12/1     Denim and Apparel
Slub Yarns Carded/Combed   Ne 6/1 - 20/1     Denim, Upholstery, Curtains, Apparel
Stretch Yarns (Core Spun)   Ne 8/1 - 20/1     Denim and Apparel


Yarn Dyeing Profile:

The Yarn Dyeing Unit is equipped with state of the art machinery with highly automated dyeing operations, automatic dyestuff and chemical dispensing systems with production capacity around 3,500 Tons (Spun Yarns 2,800 & Filament Yarns 700 Tons) per annum. All dyeing machines are equipped with SETEX controllers which are networked with central control room from where each yarn dyeing machine is remotely controlled / monitored. The dyeing lab is equipped with an automatic lab dispensing machine from DATA COLOR, Yarn dyeing shades are electronically measured by using state of the art spectrophotometer. All types of yarns like 100% Cotton, Polyester Cotton, 100% Spun Polyester, Bamboo, Coolmax, Acrylic, Modal, Tencel, Viscose, Wool, other blended Yarns (Ne 4/1 to Ne 120/1), Filament Yarns (100% Nylon & Polyester) for Knitting and Weaving can be processed as per customer quality standards at better price.

Yarn Dyeing Range & Professional Services

Spun Yarns:

  • Reactive Dyeing
  • Disperse Dyeing
  • Reactive / Disperse Dyeing
  • VAT Dyeing
  • VAT / Disperse Dyeing

Filament Yarns:

  • Disperse Dyeing
  • Acid Dyeing