Our Vision

To become a Full Family Clothing, Partner of Choice. Vision 2025 charts out our roadmap from July 2021 to June 2026, broken down into annual business plans and cascaded down to teams. Our strategy is a key enabler in Interloop’s growth, and helps us foster a strong ESG culture to deliver on our goals.

Strategic Thrusts

Guided by a customer-first approach with our strategic focus on offering multi-category products, manufactured responsibly. We will maintain leadership in hosiery while building credibility in new categories with products across all ages, genders, and abilities, becoming a full family clothing supplier. We aim to be a partner of choice by focusing on our five strategic thrusts to deliver on Interloop’s Vision 2025.

Value Added Services

Providing services like trends and analytics, design, collaborative planning, and warehousing to create strong partnerships.

Responsible Business

Leading the way in responsible manufacturing meeting the highest standards of environmental and social performance.


Unleashing the potential of our people with a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce driving a high performing organisation.

Digital Transformation

Driving efficiencies through digitalisation and providing transparency to our customers with real time information.

Agile Manufacturing

Enabling an agile organisation retaining our competitive position as a responsive, high-quality manufacturer.

Targets 2025

We aim to double our revenue enabled by our five strategic thrusts. Interloop has invested $ 300M in infrastructure to fuel growth in all product categories, adding a vertical apparel plant, a new seamless facility, a fifth and sixth hosiery plant – the fifth is already operational and LEED Gold certified – a denim fabric mill and more.

$ 700M

Revenue by FY 2026


Revenue from value added services


Lower carbon footprint

Milestones Achieved in 2023