Driving Positive Change

Embracing our role as catalysts for progress, we are committed to developing resilient social structures within our communities, cultivating sustainability and inclusivity. Our community-driven goals centre on collective growth across education, healthcare, sports, and cultural enrichment.

Guided by yearly community development goals and investment targets, our Corporate Social Responsibility division steers these transformative initiatives forward. Anchored in our core values, we are driving our vision forward with strategic partnerships to ensure that our efforts translate into meaningful change.

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Community impact 2023

Through our dedicated Interloop Welfare Trust, we are creating pathways to equal opportunities and well-being. Beyond financial aid, our teams actively engage in annual volunteering with non-profit organisations, spanning educational institutions and environmental initiatives, enriching our community.

Investment in community development


of our profits since 2022

Rs. 2.7 Billion

in the past decade


Transforming lives through breaking barriers and empowering young minds for a brighter future that uplifts individuals and communities alike.


students provided with equal access to education


We actively engage in healthcare initiatives, from disaster relief medical camps to collaborating with hospitals across Pakistan. We provide mobile health services to rural cotton-growing communities, focusing on maternal health and wellness. We aid healthcare operations and support differently abled children through Syeda Khatoon-Jannat Trust Hospital. Our collaboration with Interloop Europe has resulted in Alzheimer Socks, raising 3 million euros for Alzheimer’s research at Alzheimercentrum, Amsterdam since 2015.


Patients provided with free healthcare services

Health Point 1

Vertical sampling facilities and independent labs


Sports are integral to fostering well-rounded community growth. We proudly support Sahib-e-Asra, Pakistan’s fastest female athlete, as she trains and competes. Embracing inclusivity in sports, we sponsor Pakistan’s wheelchair cricket, international and domestic blink cricket, and the Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team for the T-20 World Series. We also backed three talented Pakistani athletes at the Special Olympics 2019.


Local talent supported through sports

Sports Point 1

Vertical sampling facilities and independent labs

Women on Wheels

In partnership with the Salman Sufi Foundation, we introduced Women on Wheels, Faisalabad edition to disrupt the socio-economic barriers that hinder women’s mobility, preventing them from attending colleges, universities, and pursuing economic opportunities.

This initiative empowers women to reclaim public spaces and contribute safely to the society. Our program trainees include Interloop employees and students from Government College Women University Faisalabad. Alongside driving lessons and access to micro-loans to help purchase motorcycles, the trainees have attended road safety and anti-harassment workshops.

women on wheels
literacy festivals

Literary Festivals

Interloop supports various cultural and literary events throughout the year. We have been hosting the Faisalabad Literary Festival since 2014 and sponsor the Lyallpur Punjab Literary Festival. These events bring together writers, poets, and artists from across the country, fostering a strong sense of community and shared identity.