Diversity Equity and Inclusion

At Interloop, diversity is our strength, equity is our goal, and inclusion is our way of life. Through our DE&I initiatives, we strive to create an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation with diverse perspectives and equal opportunity.

Join us as we break barriers, drive change, and build a more inclusive world.

Fridays from the floor

We can only meet our mission to be agents of positive change by empowering every voice on our floors. Experience diversity behind our seams through the real change makers – our people who make your clothes.


Levelling the Field for our People

Leveraging diversity in all its forms is not enough; that is why we are creating a level playing field by providing equal opportunities and embracing equity, making access to these opportunities more attainable. By understanding the diverse experiences of gender, culture, and abilities we have recalibrated our workplace systems to foster a more holistic and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive.

Champions of Change

As members of Champions of Change Coalition, we have made great strides in unlocking the potential of our people to drive inclusion. Our workplace commitments and community programs supporting nonprofit organisations and women-led initiatives aim to accelerate gender equity at work and beyond.

Our approach follows a trickle-down model, starting with setting a transformative tone from the top. We have certified D&I trainers in our teams who are championing a culture of inclusivity on every level.

Advancing Gender Equality

Interloop is a UN Women Empowerment Principles signatory, working closely on workplace safety and family-friendly policies to achieve a 33% boost in diversity by 2025. To advance gender equality, we carry gender sensitisation trainings, actively champion women in leadership roles, and address the challenges women face when coming into work. We continuously strive to ensure women feel safe and empowered to be part of our teams. We challenge unconscious biases and societal barriers to encourage more women participation in the industry including in non-traditional roles. Here’s how we’re making a difference.

Inclusive at Every Level

At Interloop, we champion equality and inclusivity across all levels of our diverse workforce, transcending gender and social boundaries. We unite our people, regardless of role or rank, ensuring a level playing field marked by shared respect and value. This principle is woven into the very fabric of our organisation, evident in our cafeterias, day care centres, and services – where no differentiation exists between executives and non-executives.

Our holistic well-being approach extends beyond the physical realm, prioritising parental leaves that contribute to a more balanced and equitable society. At Interloop, we’re not just embracing change; we’re leading the charge towards a truly inclusive and unified future.