Waste reduction and responsible management are core values within our operations. This commitment drives us to optimise production and minimise consumption. Circular products and recycling initiatives transform waste into valuable textiles, while our disposal practices aim to eliminate landfill contributions and hazardous chemical discharge.

Through our ZDHC Program, we implement green chemistry, using certified raw materials and achieving 100% ZDHC Supplier to Zero certification.

We champion digital sampling and advocate for its integration with our customers. This allows us to eliminate waste through true-to-life virtual samples.


100% Diversion of waste.

100% ZDHC compliance

Waste Reduction Initiatives


Our circular products are key in contributing to a more sustainable and resilient fashion industry by significantly curbing consumption and repurposing waste. Interloop is constantly innovating with our partners towards a transparent and circular supply chain.

Cradle to Cradle

Our sock RE-Gen is Cradle-to-Cradle® certified, with biodegradable alternatives to polyester, nylon, and spandex and C2C certified dyes. The process includes testing of product circularity, material health, and responsible manufacturing.

Jeans Redesign

We are among the 60 plus brands and manufacturers globally that are part of the Make Fashion Circular – a Jeans Redesign Initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. With laser and water efficient technologies, our circular jeans have a significantly lower environmental impact.