Business Planning Workshop 2024

Step into the world of Interloop, where innovation and strategic planning take center stage! Recently, Interloop hosted its highly anticipated Annual Business Planning Workshop (BPW) for 2024 at the Faisalabad Serena Hotel from May 23-24, 2023. This exclusive two-day event brought together a powerhouse of talent, including top management, senior executives, and departmental heads from all business units.

The workshop served as a platform for Interloop’s visionary leaders to chart a course for the upcoming financial year. With a focus on reviewing the outstanding performance of 2023, identifying key challenges, and setting objectives, the stage was set to create action plans to propel the company toward a successful future.

Hifza Zia, Senior Manager of the Strategic Management Office, kicked off the workshop and warmly welcomed the participants. The floor was then handed over to the renowned Paul Keijzer, CEO & Managing Partner at Engage Consulting, who skillfully facilitated the BPW, ensuring an engaging and productive experience for all.

Navid Fazil, CEO of Interloop Limited, took the stage to present a comprehensive financial overview of the company for 2022-23. His captivating presentation highlighted the remarkable achievements, focusing on the impressive turnaround in the Denim division. Representatives from Hosiery, Denim, Apparel, Activewear, and Yarns shared their outstanding performance in an interactive BU carousel exercise to showcase the excellence within each business group. With the energy building up, a riveting Hard Talk Q&A session brought together the top business heads on a panel, allowing for thought-provoking discussions and insights into their respective industries.

After a scrumptious lunch, the participants were divided into small Business Unit groups, igniting creativity and collaboration in ‘build on strengths’ sessions. This provided a platform for deep dives into current business challenges, where innovative action plans were proposed to overcome these hurdles. And to add a touch of entertainment to the proceedings, the corporate communication team organized a delightful musical evening, followed by an exquisite dinner that left everyone feeling rejuvenated.

The second day of the BPW turned the spotlight on Interloop’s Must Win Battles and their strategic thrusts. With a focus on Full Service Solutions, Responsible Manufacturing, Digitalization, Agile & Lean Manufacturing, and People, thrust leaders proudly showcased their achievements over the past two years. They demonstrated how their projects aligned with the ambitious Vision 2025 targets, revealing the roadmap to accomplish them. Engaging Q&A sessions followed, allowing participants to delve deeper into the strategic thrusts.

After another delectable lunch, breakout groups comprising cross-functional teams took center stage. Each group tackled specific challenges assigned to them for 2024 and presented innovative action plans, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for excellence.

The workshop reached its grand finale with an awe-inspiring moment as Interloop’s visionary CEO took the stage. He genuinely appreciated the entire Interloop team for their unwavering dedication and hard work. In his closing remarks, he emphasized the critical role of collaboration in realizing the audacious Vision 2025 while unwaveringly upholding their commitment to resource conservation. The CEO also extended special thanks to the Corporate Communication team for orchestrating this remarkable workshop.

With the Business Planning Workshop 2024’s inspiring conclusion, Interloop sets its sights on a future filled with innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth. Stay tuned for the remarkable achievements that will unfold as Interloop continues its journey toward transforming industries and making a positive impact on the world.