Corporate Briefing Session 2022

On November 7, 2022, Interloop Limited held a Corporate Briefing Session to discuss the company’s financial performance and future plans. During the session, Navid Fazil, the CEO of Interloop Limited, provided an overview of the company’s operations, including its focus on renewable energy, cleaner technologies, and green building certifications as part of its Vision 2025 plan.

One of the key highlights for 2022 was the launch of the 100 million USD fully vertically integrated Interloop Apparel Master Project, which has a daily capacity of 84,000 knitwear pieces. Interloop also installed a 7.9 MW solar generation project and successfully commissioned a LEED gold-certified Hosiery Plant 5 with a capacity of 1,200 knitting machines.

Navid also noted that Pakistan is a major contributor to cotton, textile, and yarn exports worldwide, positioning Interloop as the largest textile exporter by market capitalization. In 2022, the company generated sales of 476 million USD by expanding into new markets in Australia and Asia and significantly increasing its sales in the United States and Europe.

Looking to the future, Navid outlined Interloop’s vision of becoming a full-family clothing partner of choice and replicating its success in the denim and knitwear apparel businesses.