Loopverse- Digitalised Sustainability

In a world where businesses are constantly seeking new ways to stay ahead of the curve, Loopverse is the perfect solution – a digital 3D space where we can socialize, do business, shop or simply relax. Our aim is to provide you with an experience like no other – one that is not only innovative but also sustainable.

At Loopverse, we’ve made it our mission to reduce waste and our carbon footprint by going digital. With virtual meetings, there’s no need for paper waste or unnecessary travel. Instead, you can interact with other customers and us through digital avatars in a seamless and personalized way. At Loopverse, we have seamlessly integrated the grace of cotton flowers and domes into our design. Being Pakistan’s primary cotton exporter, we take pride in presenting our purpose dome that showcases Interloop’s profile, mission, vision, and sustainability efforts.

Our product dome, augmented with QR codes, offers a diverse range of products, providing an enriched experience. Our digital collections surpass the limitations of traditional catalogs, enabling users to engage with our us through voice conversations & digital avatars. In addition, users can customize their avatars with stylish 3D outfits and to create their virtual identity. Loopverse also offers secure, private rooms for meetings. We strive to foster openness, transparency, and innovation on our virtual platform, encapsulating our commitment to sustainability while bringing nature and business together in a captivating way.

By incorporating augmented reality, customers can experience our products in a whole new way, bringing them to life in a virtual space. We’re proud to share Loopverse with you – our customers, partners, and fellow innovators. As a company that has grown from humble beginnings, Loopverse is the next step in our journey toward success. Join us in this virtual world and discover a new way to connect – a world of endless possibilities and infinite loops!