Interloop Limited today set in motion its new state-of-the-art apparel plant. The facility elevates Interloop’s capacity and efficiency by 25 million knitwear pieces annually, with plans for Phase 2, entailing additional capacity of 12 million pieces per year to meet market needs. As a vertically integrated operation, the apparel plant boasts a daily output of 50 tonnes for knitting and dyeing.

Consistent with Interloop’s green footprint, this 1.3 million sq. ft. plant is designed in alignment with LEED standards and is currently in the certification process.

“We’re setting new standards, harnessing innovative technologies, and relentlessly pursuing process improvement,” says Navid Fazil, Chief Executive Officer of Interloop. “Through our LEED certified infrastructure, a self-reliant, green energy grid, and transition to biomass fuel, we’re committed to increasing Interloop’s sustainability impact on an unprecedented scale.”

Spanning across 232 acres, Interloop Apparel Park combines high-tech multi-category manufacturing with centralised sustainability operations and services. Key highlights include:

  • 5th Hosiery Plant, certified with LEED Gold
  • Water Recycling Plant, with plans to enhance capacity to 60%
  • Solar Park, taking Interloop’s solar capacity to 25 MW
  • Day Care Centre with a capacity for 150 children


Learn more about Interloop Apparel Park.