Regenerative Cotton Farming with REEDS

Interloop is working to establish a local regenerative cotton supply chain in Punjab, embracing a comprehensive farming approach to revive and enrich the agricultural landscape in Pakistan. Going beyond mitigation, our strategies include diverse cropping, crop rotation, reduced chemical inputs, and promoting natural ecosystem functions.

Teaming up with 1000 partner farmers on 5000 acres along with REEDS Pakistan (Rural Education and Economic Development Society, we are committed to position Pakistan as a leader in sustainable cotton farming globally through Interloop Regen Kapas.

The Interloop Regen Kapas initiative aims for:

  • Enhanced Soil Fertility
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint
  • Resilient Farming Systems
  • Elevated Farmer Livelihoods
  • Improved Animal Welfare
  • High-Quality, Ethically Sourced Cotton

As consumer and industry preferences increasingly gravitate towards regenerative systems, our Regen Kapas stands as a strategic, goal-oriented approach, fostering responsible and ecologically sound cotton production.