Technical Training School Launch

Interloop is committed to elevating labor industry standards by investing in equal learning opportunities and capability development programs. As part of this ongoing journey, the company has recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative, the Technical Training School (TTS), at Interloop Apparel Park.

Since its establishment on March 10, 2023, the TTS has been dedicated to enhancing the skills and productivity of employees in the hosiery and apparel sections. The training programs for the apparel section have already commenced, with the first batch of trainees benefitting from the comprehensive curriculum. By May 2023, both the hosiery and apparel sections are expected to fully leverage the TTS training capacities to achieve optimal learning outcomes.

The curriculum offered by the TTS is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the hosiery and apparel industries. Courses cover many topics, including hosiery yarns and fabrics, knitting techniques, dyeing and finishing processes, quality control, and product design. To ensure students are well-equipped with practical skills, the TTS incorporates advanced tools such as computer-aided design software and automated manufacturing systems, enabling them to gain hands-on experience with the industry’s latest technologies.

Establishing the TTS exemplifies Interloop’s unwavering commitment to employee development and sustainable organizational growth. The training the TTS provides is expected to significantly improve employee productivity, minimize variations, and enhance standardization, including quality on the shop floors. This strategic investment in workforce development will drive sustainable organizational progress and reinforce Interloop’s competitive position in the hosiery and apparel industries in Pakistan and internationally.

In line with their commitment to sustainable development goals, Interloop engaged in insightful discussions on best training practices and workforce development with GIZ Pakistan and Sven Buchholz, advisor to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. This collaboration sets the stage for hosting collaborative training that aligns with shared sustainable development goals, fostering continuous improvement and innovation in the industry.

The Technical Training School at Interloop Apparel Park and its partnership with GIZ Pakistan represent a groundbreaking strategy for enhancing the workforce, fostering industry growth, and promoting a sustainable future for everyone. The ultimate goal is to empower employees through collaborative efforts.