Interloop Organic Kapas Achieves IC2 Certifications

Sustainable material sourcing and transparency across our supply chain are key values at Interloop. In our second year of developing a local organic cotton supply chain, we have reached a significant milestone: the IC-2 certification for Interloop Organic Kapas (ILOK). By partnering with local farmers, we’re empowering them to transition to organic practices. Recognising the limited market demand for in-conversion organic cotton, last year, Interloop acquired IC-1 Organic Kapas at a premium from our partner farmers. This strategic move serves to offset the yield disparity between organic and conventional cotton, ensuring continued farmer enthusiasm and commitment to the organic transition.

Central to transparency is Looptrace, Interloop’s traceability solution, tracing every cotton fibre back to its origin. With over 58,000 registered farmers, Looptrace defines Interloop’s pledge: progress without obscuring processes – from farm to fashion.

In alignment with our commitment to community well-being, we have launched Interloop’s third mobile health clinic. This facility is dedicated to providing healthcare services for women, children, and cotton growers residing in close proximity to our organic cotton farms in Punjab. This initiative reflects our holistic approach, addressing not only sustainable agriculture but also the health and welfare of the communities we engage with.