Yellow Belt Achievement Gala

Interloop, a leading organization committed to embracing lean thinking, is proud to announce the remarkable success of its Yellow Belt certification program. In pursuit of building a lean culture that enhances efficiency, quality, and competitiveness, Interloop recognizes the immense value of instilling lean principles into its very fabric.

The Yellow Belt certification, a fundamental milestone in the lean journey, symbolizes a strong grasp of Lean concepts and tools. With great enthusiasm, we recently celebrated the achievements of Wave-2 participants at the dazzling Yellow Belt Award Ceremony. 48 executives were certified, and we welcomed an additional 32 individuals for the upcoming wave.

During the event, our esteemed CEO, Navid Fazil, commended the outstanding efforts of the Yellow Belt recipients. He shed light on the pivotal role of a lean mindset and its significance in driving Interloop’s exponential growth. Undoubtedly, individuals who embrace continuous improvement and possess a customer-centric approach are invaluable assets to our organization.

In recognition of their exceptional performance, Fazil presented special rewards to the best performers. The ceremony served as a testament to the power of continuous improvement ideas and problem-solving skills these individuals have brought to Interloop. As we applaud their achievements, we reiterate our commitment to fostering a culture that thrives on continuous improvement, waste reduction, and innovative problem-solving.